Batsford Solitaire

Batsford Solitaire is exactly what you need to make your free time much more relaxing and fun. As one of the more popular variations of Solitaire, Batsford Solitaire has brought countless amounts of entertainment to people around the world.

Batsford Solitaire is a two-deck variation of Klondike with a unique reserve capable of holding up to three kings. The game Batsford Solitaire proves to be quite difficult with players only having an 8% chance of winning. Therefore, whether you manage to win is entirely up to your skill and luck.

How to play Batsford Solitaire

The objective of Batsford Solitaire is to move all the cards to the eight foundations that build up from Ace to King in the suit. There are ten tableau piles that are constructed in alternation colors. Any cards in sequence down by alternating color can be moved as a group. Furthermore, empty spaces can be filled by a King or by a group of cards led by a King. Before you start the game of Batsford Solitaire, one card is dealt to the first pile, two to the second, and so on. The top card of each of these piles must be facing up. You can click on the stockpile and turn over one card to the waste, however, you need to remember there are no redeals. The top card in the waste is available to play. There is also a reserve where you can put up to three Kings with the top one ready to use.

How to win Batsford Solitaire

As with any game, Batsford Solitaire players want to know if any tips can help them win. Well, for this game and quite a few other variations of Solitaire, the following tips can help. 

  1. You should always try to expose cards from larger piles first. That way you have a bigger chance of revealing useful cards.
  2. If you don’t have a King at hand, do not empty a pile. Because if you don’t have a King to put on the empty spot it will just stay an empty spot.
  3. When you are filling an empty space, you should look at what cards you’ve got because the color of the King you choose to put on the empty spot will determine how the pile will shape as it dictates the color of it.
  4. Even if it is tempting to move cards from pile to pile to build them up, often when locking useful cards behind lower cards you are preventing yourself from being the winner. Do it only when it is very useful.


As we can see, this game is quite fun but challenging enough to keep you entertained for hours. It is also perfect to be played anywhere and anytime as you can play it online for free. So, stop thinking about it and go on and play Batsford Solitaire for a guaranteed good time.