Osmosis Solitaire

Osmosis solitaire is a form of solitaire based on building foundations but with a different twist. Osmosis solitaire gets its name from the fact that cards are meant to “filter” down through foundations based on the cards in the foundation above. It’s certainly a very different and unique game, but in principle, osmosis solitaire is not difficult to get to grips with. Today, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about osmosis solitaire—so let’s dive in.

How to Play Osmosis Solitaire

Playing osmosis solitaire online is really easy—all you need to do is search for the game on any search engine and you’ll get countless options for places to play the game of osmosis solitaire. 

Osmosis solitaire works by building descending foundations of cards by suit. You will deal four vertically arranged piles for reserve, each with four cards, one being face up. In the top foundation pile, a single card will be dealt, and then you must build that foundation with any cards of the same suit. When you add a card to one foundation, the same card can then be placed in the foundation beneath it. 

Osmosis solitaire is quite different from how ordinary solitaire is played, then, so let’s look at the rules in more detail.

Rules of Osmosis Solitaire 

The rules of the osmosis solitaire game are as follows: 

  1. Any card of the same suit can be placed into the top foundation. A random card will be dealt to the top foundation pile, which will form the basis of the game osmosis solitaire. You can place any card of the same suit into this foundation. 
  2. You can build the next foundation in any suit, but the card used to start it must be in the foundation above it. For instance, you started with a seven of hearts in the top foundation. At first, the only cards that could go in the next foundation would be a seven of any suit. Whenever you place a new card in the first foundation, that can then filter down to the other foundations—like osmosis. 
  3. Cards can be dealt to foundations either from reserve piles or from the stock pile. You will start with four piles of four cards in reserve, the top of each being face up and available for play. You can also flick through the stock pile as many times as you need to, typically three cards at a time. 

Once all cards are dealt to the foundations, the game of osmosis solitaire is won—so let’s look at some tips for how to achieve this. 

How to Win in Osmosis Solitaire

To play osmosis solitaire, you must consider carefully every move in order to win:

  1. Play strategically.You’ve got to think carefully about each move you make. The game of osmosis solitaire can seem simple at first, since any cards of the right suit can be instantly placed in the top foundation. But it’s easy to get yourself stuck in osmosis solitaire, so you need to think carefully about each and every move to prevent this from happening.
  2. Prioritize playing from the reserve piles.Deal from the stock pile right away to give yourself the widest possible range of moves, but after that try to focus on getting the cards in the reserve piles into the foundations. It’s easy to get overly focused on the stock pile and forget the reserves, which can easily make you miss a vital move. 
  3. Be aware of the luck involved. Beyond these tips, there’s not a great deal of strategy to osmosis solitaire. It’s, of course, about paying attention to where the plays come up, but there’s a good deal of luck involved in the draw, too. Be aware of that as you may need to play a few games before you win! 

Osmosis solitaire is a mindful and slower-paced version of the game, then, that’s a great option for unwinding while also still working your brain.