Classic Backgammon Online

Classic backgammon is one of the most popular board games across the world. Considered as one of the oldest known board games, classic backgammon has a rich history dating back thousands of years. More than that, its complex yet strategic approach to gameplay makes it interesting to people of all ages. 

For those who are looking to learn classic backgammon online, read on. Here, you’ll get to know what the objective of the game is, any equipment needed, as well as how to play backgammon. Take a look.

How to Play Classic Backgammon Online

In a classic Backgammon game, each of the two players aims to remove all 15 of their checkers from the board. This can only happen once they transfer all their checkers to their home board. 

This may sound easy, but keep in mind that this game has specific rules, which make it not-so-simple compared to other board games.

Classic Backgammon Online: Essential Rules 

Traveling Across the Board

The backgammon board is unique-looking, with its notable narrow triangles in two colors. In this game, you and your opponent have your respective home and outer boards.

Each section has six triangles, also called points or pips, for a total of 24. Each pip is paired with a number, the one-point being the rightmost triangle in your home board and the 24-point being the outermost one in your opponent’s outer board.

You travel across the board by rolling the dice and moving your checkers based on the rolled numbers. What you should remember is that the numbers are used differently in classic backgammon online.

You can use one number to move one checker, then the other number to move another checker. However, you can also combine the numbers to move one checker. Your movement should be counterclockwise or from the 24-point to the one-point.

Blots, Hits, and the Bar

A pip with only one checker is called a blot. If you touch a blot where there is only one checker from the opposite color, you are required to hit and set it on the bar

With this, your opponent must first enter all checkers from the bar into the board in their next move before they can proceed as normal.

Bearing Off Your Checkers

You win a classic backgammon online game by bearing off or removing your pieces from the board. However, you can only do this once you have moved your checkers to your home board. 

After successfully getting all 15 pieces to your home field, you roll the dice and move a checker on the corresponding pip.

What You Need to Play Classic Backgammon Online

If you want to play classic backgammon as a beginner, your best choice is to play it online or using your mobile phone. This way, the board is automatically set up and all you have to do is to play.

The good news is that classic backgammon online is available on different websites. You just need to use your preferred search engine and select a browser-based game. 

You can also head to your preferred app download source such as Google Play Store and App Store. This way, you can play classic backgammon online anywhere as long as you have your mobile device and internet connection.

The Bottom Line

Backgammon seems like a complicated game at first. By learning how to play this game and knowing where you can play it online, you can start honing your skills and mastering the techniques that can help you in classic Backgammon online.