Clock Solitaire

Clock Solitaire, also known as solitaire clock or circle solitaire card game, is renowned for its simple yet captivating gameplay. In this guide, we delve into its origins, its seemingly effortless rules, and why it‘s much more challenging than it initially appears.

History and Origins

While the precise origins of Clock solitaire remain a subject of debate, it‘s believed to have evolved from other solitaire games sometime during the 19th century. What sets it apart from other solitaire variants is its captivating layout, resembling a clock face. As with many card games, it has evolved over time, reflecting changes in culture and player preferences.

Goal of Clock Solitaire

The primary objective remains deceptively simple: move each card to its corresponding pile, reflecting the hours on a clock. The success of the game is marked by having every card face up in its appropriate pile. 

Rules of Clock Solitaire

Basic Setup

Clock Solitaire stands out due to its simplicity. The deck is split into 13 piles, arrayed like the numbers on a clock face. The central pile, the 13th, is designated for Kings.


Begin by placing a card into its matching clock position. For instance, the 3 of any suit would find its home in the 3 o‘clock pile, the Ace at 1 o‘clock, the Jack at 11 o‘clock, the Queen at 12, and the King in the central pile.


Victory is achieved when all cards are face up in their designated piles. However, this seemingly straightforward game isn‘t as easy as it appears. The probability of winning stands at a mere 1 in 13, roughly 7.6%, making it even more challenging than Scorpion Solitaire, previously touted as the toughest game on some platforms!


Should all four Kings reveal themselves before the other cards are correctly positioned, the game is lost. But take heart; given the low odds of victory, even a loss can be seen as a step closer to mastering the game.

The Intrigue Behind Clock Solitaire‘s Popularity

One might wonder: What‘s the appeal behind such a basic card game like Clock Solitaire? The answer lies in its perfect blend of simplicity and unpredictability. Just as a clock‘s hands move in a predictable rhythm, yet time itself holds endless uncertainties, Clock Solitaire mirrors this duality, offering a structured format sprinkled with unforeseen challenges.

The Psychological Allure

While the rules are easy to grasp, the actual gameplay captivates the mind. It‘s not merely about placing cards in their rightful positions. It‘s a dance of strategy and serendipity. The low odds of winning make each victory sweeter, a testament to one‘s prowess and a tad bit of luck. The sense of achievement derived from mastering such a challenging game, even once, can be deeply fulfilling.

Furthermore, Clock Solitaire doesn‘t just cater to the player aiming for triumph. The game also appeals to those seeking a meditative, repetitive task. Moving cards, one by one, around a circle, can be therapeutic, allowing the player to detach from the stresses of the day and get lost in the rhythmic flow of the game.

Adapting to Modern Times

While traditional card games might be seen as relics of the past, the digital era has given them a fresh lease of life. Online platforms have modernized Clock Solitaire, making it accessible to a broader audience. Younger generations, who might not have encountered such games in their analogue forms, can now discover and relish them online.

Clock Solitaire stands as a testament to the timeless nature of classic games. Its blend of simple rules, challenging gameplay, and therapeutic qualities ensures its place in the hearts of both seasoned players and newcomers. As time ticks away, one thing remains certain: the enduring charm of Clock Solitaire will continue to captivate minds for generations to come.

The Last Draw

The elegance of Clock Solitaire lies in its simplicity. While it may seem like a mere game of chance, many players find themselves drawn to its unique combination of luck and strategy. Whether you‘re aiming to challenge your cognitive skills or seeking a leisurely pastime, Clock Solitaire promises endless hours of fun. And remember, sometimes, it‘s the journey and not the destination that counts. So, ready to play Clock Solitaire?