Vegas Solitaire

Vegas Solitaire is very similar to the usual Solitaire that you might be thinking of. There are seven piles placed from left to right and each pile of cards starts with an upturned card and as you place them, each pile has a card more than the last pile. The first pile in Solitaire Vegas contains one card (upturned), the second pile contains two cards (the top one upturned), the third pile contains three cards (only the top one upturned), and so on for seven piles.

The Goal of Vegas Solitaire

The goal of playing Vegas Solitaire games is to collect all the cards into their suits starting with aces as the foundations and then ending in kings. Vegas Solitaire uses only one pack of cards so there are four foundation piles (one for each suit).

You cannot always win Solitaire Vegas due to your choices and the placement of the shuffled cards but if you’re finding it too difficult, lots of free Vegas Solitaire games online have a hint button or an undo button in case you make a mistake.

How to play Vegas Solitaire

To win Vegas Solitaire, you must collect all the cards into suits. You can do this by stacking cards on the tableau. You can only stack a card on top of another if it is a number lower and of a different color. For example, you can stack a red seven on a black eight. 

If you cannot move any more cards then you start to turn over cards from the stockpile and add them to the tableau. You must collect all the cards on the tableau onto the foundation piles.

Basic rules Vegas Solitaire

There are a few basic rules to Vegas Solitaire. When starting a foundation pile it must begin with an ace and end with a king and you must add cards to these piles in ascending order. On the tableau, you cannot place cards on top of each other unless they are one number less and of the opposite color.

If you are unsure of the rules then we suggest you play Vegas Solitaire online because the program won’t allow you to make a wrong move and if you make a mistake in free online Vegas Solitaire then usually there is an undo button.

How to win Vegas Solitaire

Vegas Solitaire is won by moving all cards from the tableau and deck to the foundation piles. This is done by stacking cards until you can add more of the cards to the foundation piles then when you can, start to dismantle the piles and separate the cards to the foundation piles.


As you can see it, is quite a simple game with the only difficult aspect being the set up, but if you play Vegas Solitaire online then that should make it easier because the game sets up the cards for you. We hope you enjoy playing Vegas Solitaire, whether it’s online or not!