Golf Solitaire

Golf Solitaire is a very easy game, more similar to Tripeaks Solitaire than Klondike Solitaire due to the gameplay of the two card games. Golf Solitaire Classic is a game set up with seven piles of five cards, all upturned so you can see the numbers and patterns. This means that strategy plays a larger part in the game of Golf Solitaire than games with downturned cards as you can’t be sure of the decision you’re making.

Free Golf Solitaire can be found online although there are not many extra benefits to playing Golf Solitaire online as the card set-up is very simple and easy to understand. The rules of the Golf Solitaire game are just as simple and are pretty much the same as Tripeaks Solitaire (if you’re already a player then it will be easy for you to adapt to this other version of Solitaire).

The History of Golf Solitaire

Solitaire is thought to have originated at the end of the 18th century or the start of the 19th century in Europe (the Baltic region) however the game wasn’t used for the same reasons as it is nowadays. It is thought to have been used as a fortune-telling tool but now it is merely played for entertainment. The game has been played for decades by people of all ages and backgrounds and has branched out into many different types of Solitaire.

Solitaire Golf is sometimes known by the name One Foundation but is more commonly known as Golf Solitaire due to the shared goal between the games: both trying to get the lowest number of points. Some games of Golf Solitaire online are even golf-themed, with a golfing background and relevant sounds.

What is the Goal of Golf Solitaire?

The goal of Solitaire Golf is to end the game with the lowest score possible. The game of Golf Solitaire is set up using thirty-five cards (the rest of the deck left aside) in seven piles. In each pile there should be five cards all upturned, so all the cards are revealed. 

The goal is mirrored by the sport it’s named after as both games require you to reach the lowest amount of points you can whilst using the least amount of cards from the stockpile you can.

The Rules of Golf Solitaire

The aim of Golf Solitaire is to move as many cards as you can to the discard pile before running out of cards you can match. To move a card to the discard pile it must be one number higher or lower than the card already placed there. The suit doesn’t matter, nor does the color (different from the usual Solitaire). You can only move uncovered cards as well, even though all cards are visible.

If you’re not sure of the rules of this game then we recommend you start with Golf Solitaire free games that you can download. Alternatively, try playing the free Golf Solitaire (with no download) that various different websites offer.

There are no hidden cards in Golf Solitaire and so the element of luck plays a far diminished role so unlike other Solitaire games this version relies more on skill and strategies. 

The Strategy of Golf Solitaire and How to Win

Golf Solitaire Classic relies on strategy and skill more than other games so there are many handy strategies to know for this game.

When first playing, you should scan over your cards on the tableau to find any cards you can discard to the discard pile to avoid using too many cards from the stockpile. You shouldn’t just match all the cards you can though because you may isolate other cards. For example, if you end up matching all the twos and fours then you will make it hard to remove the threes later on.

On Golf Solitaire online games there is often an undo button. It is a very useful tool and we recommend that you use it so that you can learn from your mistakes rather than simply losing a game. 

Two tips that aren’t entirely to do with gameplay are to try not to become frustrated and play regularly! If you get frustrated with the game then the game has already beaten you! If you want to improve at the game of Golf Solitaire then you should play it more often so you can get to grips with it and learn the gameplay so it becomes as familiar to you as the back of your hand.


Despite the game being simple, we understand that there are some FAQs when it comes to the Golf Solitaire game so we‘re going to answer some!

What are some interesting facts about Golf Solitaire?

An interesting fact about Golf Solitaire is the history behind the name. Golf Solitaire’s named because of its similar scoring system and the aim of the game - to score the least number of points. Some online versions of the Golf Solitaire game even include golf-themed cards to extend the fun.

What are the benefits of Golf Solitaire?

Solitaire Golf can help reduce stress and tension in those who play it and it’s found that playing regularly can improve memory. However, there are many reasons people play Golf Solitaire, mainly due to the entertainment it offers the player and the alone time you can enjoy when playing, after all, playing games doesn’t always have to be a social activity.


Whilst playing Golf Solitaire is easy: it’s easy to set up and easy to play, it’s harder to win due to the number of cards in play. Often, people have trouble discarding all the tableau cards to the discard pile due to them being covered by other cards or not having enough cards in the stockpile, or not having the right cards in the stockpile.

Hopefully, you can now see how simple the game of Golf Solitaire is and if you were put off by more difficult versions of the classic game then you see that this one is the one to play first, it’s particularly successful for beginners and younger players. However, if you think that Golf Solitaire isn’t for you then there are many different variations for you to explore and enjoy.