Beetle Solitaire

If you‘re a fan of solitaire games, you might have heard of Beetle Solitaire, a popular variation similar to Spider Solitaire. It is a fun and challenging game that can keep you entertained for hours. In this article, we‘ll share everything you need to know to start playing and winning in the exciting game of Beetle Solitaire.

How to Play Beetle Solitaire

Beetle Solitaire is a card game that requires two decks of cards with no jokers. To start, shuffle the deck and deal ten columns of cards to the playing area, with six cards in the first four and five in the remaining six.

The layout of Beetle Solitaire is the same as in Spider Solitaire with one exception: all the cards in the tableau are face up from the beginning of the game.

The rest of the cards are placed in the upper left corner of the tableau to form the draw pile.

The objective of Beetle Solitaire is to build complete sequences of cards by suit from King to Ace in the tableau. The complete sequence of 13 same-cards is then transferred to the foundation.

If you cannot make any more moves, you can draw cards from the deck. In this case, one new card is dealt to each tableau pile.

Rules of Beetle Solitaire

To play Beetle Solitaire, you must follow these rules:

  1. You can move the top card of each column to another card that is one rank higher.
  2. However, you can only move sequences of cards if all the cards in the sequence are of the same suit.
  3. Any card can be moved to an empty tableau pile.
  4. If you want to use the draw pile, you must put one new card to each tableau pile.
  5. You cannot use the draw pile if you have an empty tableau pile.
  6. You cannot play any singular cards to the foundations. In Beetle Solitaire, cards are removed to the foundations in bulk, when you build the entire same-suit sequence from King to Ace in the tableau.
  7. If you build all eight foundations, clearing the tableau, the game is won.
  8. If you cannot make any more moves, the game is over.

How to Win in Beetle Solitaire

To win in Beetle Solitaire, you must move all the cards from the tableau to the foundations. This requires careful planning and strategy. Here are some tips to increase your chances of winning:

  • Always try to build on the tableau cards that have the fewest cards underneath them. This will give you more options later in the game.
  • Don’t rush to stack cards of different suits. Remember, you won’t be able to move them together and this can block potential moves.
  • Use the draw pile wisely. While dealing out new cards can give new move opportunities, new cards can also block other cards, so make sure you have made all the moves you wanted in the tableau.
  • Don‘t be afraid to undo a move if it doesn‘t work out. You can always try a different strategy.
  • Keep track of which cards have been played and which ones are still in the deck. This will help you make better decisions.

To wrap up…

Beetle Solitaire is an entertaining variation of Spider solitaire that can be played with two standard decks of cards or online. It requires both luck and strategy to win, and there are different variations to choose from, depending on the player‘s skill level. By following the rules and tips mentioned in this article, you can increase your chances of winning and enjoy playing Beetle Solitaire.


Q: Are there any other types of Beetle Solitaire out there?

A:You can get inspiration from Spider Solitaire and play Solitaire Beetles with one, two, or all four suits.

Q: Can I move one card at a time to the foundations?

A: No, you can only move the entire sequence of cards from King to Ace from the tableau to the foundation.

Q: What happens if I can‘t make any more moves?

A: If you cannot make any more moves, and there are no more cards left in the reserve, the game is over.

Q: Can I move a card from the foundation back to the tableau?

A: No, once a card has been moved to the foundation, it cannot be moved back to the tableau.

Q: How long does it take to play a game of Beetles Solitaire?

A: The length of a game depends on the player‘s skill level, luck, and the type of Beetle Solitaire being played. Easy Beetle Solitaire can be completed in a few minutes, while harder versions of Beetle Solitaire can take much longer.

Q: Is it possible to win every game of Beetle Solitaire?

A: No, Beetle Solitaire, like most solitaire games, is also a game of chance. There are shuffles that are impossible to win by default.