Colorado Solitaire

Colorado Solitaire is one of the many card games of the Solitaire family that have been played all over the world. The popularity of such games comes from the fact that they are extremely easy and simple to understand. 

Colorado Solitaire card game is a game that is quite similar to games such as Sir Tommy, Strategy, and Calculation. It requires two decks of playing cards and due to it being a very easy game players have about 80% odds of completing it.

Rules of Colorado Solitaire

The goal of the game Colorado Solitaire is to move all of the cards to the eight foundation piles in the same suit (four from Ace to King and four from King to Ace). 

After the cards are dealt, the remaining 83 cards form the stock. Furthermore, the stockpile will be dealing a card from the stock each time a card is moved from the stockpile.

The cards are used to create twenty columns which are dealt one card each, while the remaining cards must be put into a stockpile. None of the twenty columns have a particular building order. Furthermore, any card from the stockpile may be used on top of another card as well as to fill empty columns. Also, the topmost card in a column is available to be placed on a foundation. However, the moving of cards between columns is not allowed.

Set up Colorado Solitaire

While the player can build the cards in an arrangement they desire, it is suggested that two rows of ten cards should be dealt. Following on the player searches for an Ace and a King of each suit which should be put on the foundations as soon as they become available to play. The stock is then dealt one card at a time and after each deal, the player can see whether any of the cards on the twenty columns can be built onto the foundations. The game finishes when the stock pile has run out. If all the cards are built into the foundation the game is won. However, if there are cards that are stuck and can’t be put on the foundations, the game is lost.


As you can see, this game is quite simple to play and it is quite popular to play Colorado solitaire free online as well. So, if you are looking to spend some time relaxing Colorado Solitaire could be the perfect thing for you.