Crazy Quilt Solitaire

One game that requires the utmost attention to detail is Crazy Quilt Solitaire. It is played with two decks of cards and has an original layout. As it comes from its name, the tableau looks like a quilt, and it should be arranged into eight foundations following specific rules. When proceeding with the game, you will reveal new cards, with some immediately available and others requiring extra moves to be cleared. Read on about its setup and gameplay.

Crazy Quilt Solitaire Rules

Crazy Quilt is a Solitaire card game, so some of its rules are similar to the ones you may already know. However, it has some distinct features, such as the form of the layout and the order of cards in different foundation piles. 


To set up the layout of the Crazy Quilt Solitaire card game, you need two decks of standard playing cards. First, find all the Aces and Kings and place them on the side. These are your foundations. The tableau includes seven rows with eight cards in each. Cards are dealt at alternating positions, switching between vertical and horizontal. The remaining cards are placed as one face-down pile in the corner.


The objective of Crazy Quilt Solitaire is to arrange all the cards into eight foundations. Four of them start with Aces and proceed to Kings while the other four start with Kings and proceed to Aces. All the cards in each foundation should be arranged by suit and by rank.


In online free Crazy Quilt Solitaire, the main rule is to clear only available cards. An available card is the one that has at least one short side opened. If only long sides are opened, it cannot be moved. According to this rule, at the beginning of the game, you can only use horizontal cards on the sides and the cards in the corners. When you go deeper into the tableau, you can take other cards with revealed short sides as well.

Pay attention to all the eight foundations and remember which ones are descending and which ones are ascending. However, when you play Crazy Quilt Solitaire online, the website will only allow you to make moves that align with the rules.

Once you feel stuck and don’t see any available options to reveal more inner cards in the tableau, remember that Crazy Quilt Solitaire also has a stockpile, like many other solitaire games. You can take cards from it, and frequently they become a game-changer.

The undo button in Crazy Quilt is not that popular because the foundations are built directly from the tableau without any intermediate sequences. But Hints can help a lot, use this button if you don’t see any suitable cards, and it will show if there are any.


Crazy Quilt is not a standard Solitaire game, but it can become a good alternative for those bored by Klondike or Spider. It helps to recharge the mind due to its unique layout and tricky foundations. Try different difficulty levels when playing Crazy Quilt Solitaire online or try to play with a real deck. You’ll get an amazing experience!