Double Scorpion Solitaire

Double Scorpion Solitaire offers a chance for anybody to relax a little bit in their free time while also having a lot of fun. As with most Solitaire games, this one can be played by either an experienced player or a complete beginner. In this article, we are going to outline everything you need to know about Double Scorpion Solitaire.

Double Scorpion Solitaire

Double Scorpion Solitaire is a game of the solitaire family, and it utilizes two decks of fifty-two playing cards each. The goal of the game is to build eight sequences down in suit within the tableau with each of them going from the King to the Ace. This is quite similar to the way you play Spider Solitaire, however without removing the completed runs from the tableau.

Rules of Double Scorpion Solitaire

To play any game, you need to have a full understanding of what it is in order to play it. It doesn’t matter if you have been playing card games for years or have just started, you will need to learn the rules of this game so that you can play correctly and enjoy it fully. Here are the rules:

  1. A player can build tableau piles down in a suit. 
  2. Any cards facing up in the tableau can be moved to make a build. Furthermore, all the cards covering it move together as a whole. 
  3. When a closed card becomes the top card of a pile it is turned facing up.
  4. Empty tableau piles can only be filled by a King or a group of cards that is led by a King.

Strategies of Double Scorpion Solitaire

As with any game, having a strategy might be very helpful in winning the game. Regardless of whether you are an experienced player or have just started in the world of card games, having a plan of action can be the way to victory. Now, these are some of the things you need to remember when forming a strategy plan.

  • It is always better to focus on uncovering cards that are facing down in the beginning.
  • In this game, once you have uncovered an Ace you can’t put any other card on top of it. Therefore, you must be careful not to uncover them too early on in the game.
  • You must not make any blocks with reserved sequences.

Variants of Double Scorpion Solitaire

With the card games of the Solitaire family, it is normal to wonder what variations of these games there are. While the simpler Solitaire games like Klondike may have many variations, Double Scorpion Solitaire is the variant of Scorpion Solitaire. That is why we can say that Scorpion Solitaire is the only other variation of Double Scorpion Solitaire. As you could probably guess from the names.

Additionally, if you want to play this game anywhere and anytime but don’t have access to playing cards, you can access one of the many Double Scorpion Solitaire online versions and enjoy it as much as you would the normal way of playing.

Describe Variants

Scorpion Solitaire is the only variant of this game. This variant is played with a single deck of fifty-two playing cards as opposed to the two decks used in the Double Scorpion solitaire hence the name “double”. The goal of the game is to build four columns of cards in sequence from King down to Ace.


We have outlined everything there is to know about this game and more. So, don’t hesitate and go enjoy Double Scorpion Solitaire free online or just play Double Scorpion Solitaire on a tableau, it really just depends on you.