Dragon Solitaire

Dragon Solitaire is a Chinese variant of the famous game of solitaire and while it is quite simple and easy to play, it provides an endless amount of fun to anyone who plays it.

The game Dragon Solitaire is a variant of the Solitaire card game. Dragon Solitaire only requires a standard 52-card deck. One of the reasons the game of Dragon Solitaire is very popular is the fact that much like the more usual Solitaire variations, the goal of the game is to sort all the cards into the foundation piles from the Ace all the way to the King in the respective suits.

Rules of Dragon Solitaire

The rules of this game are quite simple and easy for even the absolute beginner to remember. 

  1. The game has four foundations which are empty at the start of the game.
  2. An Ace must be the first card placed on a foundation pile.
  3. To build the foundation, you must only place a card if it is higher in rank and of the same suit.
  4. A sequence may be continued by placing an Ace on top of a King. 

Set up Dragon Solitaire

Before anyone can start playing this game, they must understand all the rules and make sure they have set the game up the right way. With versions of the game like Solitaire Dragons online, it is easier as the set-up is automatically done for you. However, if it is played on a tableau, you will have to make sure you set it up yourself.

You must set up seven tableau piles with a custom number of cards dealt to them. Furthermore, you must make sure thirty-one of the cards are facing up and twenty-one of the cards are facing down. Any card can be placed on an empty pile. When building the piles on the tableau, you will only be able to put cards on top of other cards if they are one rank lower and of the same suit. Furthermore, you can move stacks of cards from the tableau if they are each one rank lower and of the same suit.

How to win at Dragon Solitaire

Card games, like many other games, require strategy most of the time. However, even just the simplest tips sometimes can prove very beneficial. For the Dragon Solitaire game, you are most likely to win if you remember all the rules and follow them. As long as you do that and make sure you pay attention to the cards and do not miss any possible moves, you will be more than fine in winning this game.


So, as you can see from this article, the game of Solitaire Dragons is quite simple to play. It provides tons of entertainment while simultaneously being the perfect way to relax and unplug from the outside world. If this sounds like something you would like to do, then go on and start playing Dragon Solitaire now.