Josephine Solitaire

Josephine Solitaire uses double the amount of cards than usual Solitaire games – it uses two decks instead of one. The aim of the game is to move all the cards to the foundation piles (similar to other versions of the game) but because there are two decks there are eight foundation piles, two aces of each suit.

Solitaire Josephine has a very simple setup but due to the number of cards, it can get messy in real life so lots of people prefer to play Josephine Solitaire free online because the cards are already set up for you. The cards are laid out in a line of ten piles of four cards, all the cards being upturned and then the rest of the cards are left in the deck for you to turn over.

Rules of Josephine Solitaire

The aim is to collect all the cards into their suits starting with the aces and then finishing with the kings. To do this you must collect the aces and put them to the side then start layering cards on top of them in order. If you cannot add any more cards then you can either stack cards on the tableau or take cards from the deck. When stacking cards on the tableau the card you add must be a number lower and of the same suit. For example, you could place an eight of hearts on a nine of hearts.

Solitaire Josephine free online can make the rules easier to understand because you won’t be able to move the cards if it’s against the rules.

Strategies to win Josephine Solitaire

There are a few strategies that you can implement to make winning Josephine Solitaire easier. We suggest that when beginning to play the game move any aces to the side first then move on to collecting other suits that you can. 

If you cannot move any more cards on the tableau then move on to the deck. You can turn over the cards one at a time and try to place them with other cards or straight onto the foundation piles. If you’re struggling to play the game, lots of free Josephine Solitaire games online have a hint button or undo button in case you make a mistake.


Josephine Solitaire can be difficult as it has a fairly low success rate and the double deck of cards can make it a little more confusing. The game has a few different names including (in America) Forty Thieves but it is named after Josephine de Beauharnais who was Napoleon’s first wife.

Whilst Josephine Solitaire isn’t the most popular version of Solitaire it’s still a good one as it allows for a longer game (due to the two decks used) which some people prefer as other Solitaire games are shorter and you have to reshuffle and set up more frequently.


As Solitaire Josephine is not the most well-known branch of Solitaire we understand that there might be some confusion surrounding it.

What is Josephine Solitaire?

Josephine Solitaire is a physical card game but you can play Josephine Solitaire free online. It includes two decks and the aim is to move all the cards in the deck to the foundation piles starting with the aces and ending with the kings - they should be ordered into suits and there should be two sets of each suit.

How is Josephine Solitaire scored?

To win the game you have to collect all the cards into suits. There is no intricate scoring system in Josephine Solitaire which is one of the reasons people enjoy playing it.

Is it good to play Josephine Solitaire?

Josephine Solitaire games are not only fun to play but card games have a lot of benefits including stress relief and relaxation. They can also help improve problem-solving skills due to the strategies you need to implement in the game, this is why people enjoy playing the game.