Poker Solitaire

If you are on the lookout for the best way to spend your free time, look no further because Poker Solitaire can be just that for you. The perfect relaxing time away from everyday life with an enormous amount of fun mixed into it.

Poker Solitaire

If you have been enjoying playing card games and Solitaire card games in particular, the game of Poker Solitaire can be the perfect next step in your card-playing journey. While being of the Solitaire family, it is quite different and more interesting compared to the simpler and more common Solitaire games.

What is Poker Solitaire?

Solitaire Poker is sometimes known as Poker Squares or Poker Patience. The objective of this game is for the player to build the best poker hands using only twenty-five cards from the deck. To fully understand how to play and win this game, you need to know how poker hands are ranked.

How to play Poker Solitaire?

To start playing the game, you need to turn one card facing up and then proceed to the next while building your grid up or down, right, or left. It is up to you in what direction you want to build it. Not only can you place any card on the grid, but you can also expand it in any direction. The important bit is that the cards are touching each other either adjacently or diagonally. Make sure you place your cads strategically because once they are placed, they cannot be moved.

The rows and columns of your grid represent poker hands. The better the columns the better the score. If you have a column with a straight that will bring you a higher score as opposed to if you had a column with three of a kind. You should always aim to improve your overall score as you are building the grid. If you happen to come across an unplayable card, you can start a junk column for such cards.

When you are finished playing, you can have a go and rearrange the cards to help you score additional points. This is very beneficial for those with a straight flush as they can bring high-value numbers.

Rules of Poker Solitaire

As with any game, while you may think you know enough about the game to play it, you must learn and understand all the rules to actually play it and do it correctly. The rules for the Poker Solitaire card game are as follows:

  1. Cards must be placed one at a time and once a card is placed it can no longer be moved.
  2. When all twenty-five cards are dealt, points are scored on hands of five cards formed horizontally in rows or vertically in columns. The number of points will depend on the value of the poker hands.
  3. There are two systems of scoring, and they are the English and the American point systems. The English one reflects on the difficulty of getting the hands whereas the American one reflects on the difficulty of getting the hands in actual poker. So, to play the game you need to know exactly what the scoring system is like.
  4. Because of the way the scoring works online Poker Solitaire is the more popular version of this game.

How to Win Poker Solitaire?

While playing any game you can benefit from having a fully formed strategy. With this Poker Solitaire game that remains the same. If you have a good enough strategy, you can make sure you have a high chance of winning. 

For this game specifically, you need to have a good understanding of the way poker hands work. This is one of the games that you could exercise a bit of luck and just try to wing it, but if you were to have a good understanding of poker, your chances will be so much higher.

Furthermore, as with any Solitaire game patience is key. Make sure you take your time.


You can decide whether you want to play Poker Solitaire online free or play it on a tableau. Regardless, it will undoubtedly bring you a lot of fun. So, don’t hesitate and go play Poker Solitaire now.