Three Gates Solitaire

Three Gates Solitaire is a game that will make your brain work harder because it is never the same! It uses two decks of cards with Jokers, and its layout is different each time. Moreover, the number of foundations changes during the game. Read on to learn more!

How to Play Three Gates Solitaire

The rules of Three Gates Solitaire are pretty simple. You should arrange cards in the foundations following the rule of ranking. Essential rules are explained below.


The layout of Three Gates Solitaire includes three areas:

  • Tableau. It is different every time you start a new game. It includes seven piles with a random number of cards, from five to fourteen in each. Only one top card is face-up. There are two key cards placed randomly as well.
  • Foundations. At the beginning of the Three Gates Solitaire game, only one foundation out of three is available and has one card in it. Once you reveal the key card, you “open the gate” to a new foundation pile and can fill it.
  • Stock. All the cards not used in the tableau are placed face-down in the corner of the layout.

Goal of Three Gates Solitaire

The goal of the 3 Gates Solitaire game is to clear both the tableau and stock. All the cards should be arranged into three foundation piles. Each consequent card in any pile is one rank lower or one rank higher than the previous one.

Moves in Three Gates Solitaire

Three Gate Solitaire allows you to make the following types of moves:

  • Look at the card in the foundation pile. You can cover it with any card that is one rank lower or one rank higher, regardless of its suit.
  • The rank can change from ascending to descending many times.
  • Once you reveal the key card, one more foundation opens.
  • You can use the cards from stock to place in the foundation piles, not in the tableau.
  • Jokers can cover any card and can be followed by any card as well.

How to Win Three Gates Solitaire?

Since the tableau differs every time, it may be difficult to use similar strategies in Three Gates Solitaire every time. However, these tips can be helpful:

  • Prioritize longer piles.
  • Prioritize the piles that have key cards.
  • Try to use the cards from the tableau first.
  • Don’t hesitate to change the order of cards from ascending to descending. 
  • When two or three foundations are available, take your time to decide which one to fill to proceed faster.

Play Three Gates Solitaire on

Now you know the basic rules of Three Gates Solitaire, it’s time to check if you are ready to win! You can try this game online and have unlimited attempts for free. Follow the rules, use the mentioned tips, and you’ll increase the winning odds!