Algerian Solitaire

Algerian Solitaire is a variation of the famous card game Solitaire which proves more challenging for anyone who might be ready to upgrade from the more usual and straightforward classic versions. In this article, we are going to outline in detail what the game of Algerian Solitaire is and how to play it.

Classic Solitaire is a card game that is extremely well-known around the world. People love playing these kinds of games as they provide much-needed relaxation and a way to unplug from the outside world. Some variations of the game are easier than others. Algerian Patience Solitaire is one of the more challenging ones but that does not take away from the fun of it. This unique variation uses two decks of playing cards, and the object of the game is to build eight foundations in sequence.

How to play Algerian Solitaire

If you wish, you can play Algerian Patience Solitaire free online whenever and wherever you like or you can play on a tableau. Algerian Solitaire utilizes two decks which need to form eight foundations. The four foundation piles on the left-hand side start with an Ace of each suit (building up to the King) while the four on the right start with a King of each suit (building down to the Ace). The tableau in the middle is laid out with eight cards facing up. Building on top of these cards, you can go up or down in suit. Additionally, a King or an Ace can be used to turn around. Your deck is at the bottom of the tableau, and you can lay six cards at once facing up. The final deal will be dealt to the tableau instead of the reserve pile. Cards can be moved back and forth between the tableau piles. The goal is to put all the cards up on the foundation spaces in the specified order. When that is done, the game is won. If, however, you are blocked, then you lose. 

Strategies to win Algerian Solitaire

As with almost any game, you can benefit from having a strategy. Now with most solitaire card games the most common strategy is to always move cards to the foundations as soon as they become available. If you follow that, you are guaranteed to be successful. However, with every variation, there might be differences.

Top 5 Tips for Algerian Solitaire

If you are looking for any tips to help you win Algerian Solitaire, here are some that might prove to be of help:

  1. Before making your moves, you should consider how it will influence the rest of the game.
  2. The foundation piles must be prioritized, and you should move cards onto them as soon as they become available.
  3. Trying to expose hidden cards in the reserve might give you more possible moves and therefore help you win.
  4. When you have an empty tableau pile, it’s smart to fill it up but you need to think carefully about what card to put on it and how that will affect the game.
  5. If you follow all the above suggestions, you will have a very big chance of successfully completing the game.


Now that we’ve covered the aspects of the game, there is no doubt that this game will provide an endless amount of fun even if it is a bit more challenging. So, go ahead and start playing Algerian Solitaire free and see for yourself.

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